Training Update: The Swim

Swimming Laps

This week I completed my second swimming lesson.  If you have been following the blog, you know that I am training for my very first triathlon!  The date is TBD, but will be in 2018.  The swimming portion of a triathlon has always been my reason for not doing one, so I am changing that!  I was able to swim prior to the lessons and can tread water like nobody’s business, but I never learned how to swim with my face in the water and breathe.  I want to be able to swim laps for fitness and to be able to train and compete in a triathlon.

Swimming Laps

The Good News!

I went to the gym today to practice swimming and for the first time EVER I can swim a full length of the pool!  The lessons have taught me to breathe and proper form to prevent injury.  Most importantly I am learning confidence in my swimming!  I will continue to work on stroke technique and building endurance.  One of the key takeaways from my lesson this week, is that even if I don’t have the endurance to lap swim continuously for any given length of time, I can still work on my leg kicks and arms to build strength and endurance.


The Bad News

I am still struggling with “goggle face”.  I am utterly unrecognizable after a swim due to the hideous goggle marks on my face!  It doesn’t feel so great either.  After posing a meme of my goggle face on Instagram, a good friend of mine asked if I was pushing the goggles to my face to get more suction. (I was).  So she suggested I just let the goggles sit on my face and not push them.  The pull of the strap should be enough to prevent water from coming in.  I am SO hoping that this works!!  I am so thankful for any help on this journey and this is just proof that I’m not afraid to fall on my face publicly :).  I hope others can learn along with me, or at least get a good laugh as I plug along.

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