Training Update: Bump in the Road

A few weeks ago I really stepped up my training game.  I was feeling good, upping my mileage and running faster.  I had started noticing some pinching between my first and second joint on the ball of my foot, and the shoes I had been wearing weren’t actually the most comfortable.  So I went back to the shoe store to try a new pair (oh bummer more shoes! Lol).  I found a new pair, brought them home and went for a 4 mile jog. I felt like I was running on clouds!  I took a rest day the following day, and on the next training day I warmed up like normal, and was feeling good.  I start running.  Less than 50 feet into the run sharp pain shoots through my left foot.  I stopped and tried to shake it off (literally, haha).  I took another step…ouch!  I took my shoe off and stretched which seemed to help a bit, but as soon as the shoe (the new shoe) went on, more pain!

This was a total blow to the momentum I had to train for the upcoming races.  This is so frustrating, especially when I have been extra careful to try and avoid injury!  So what did I do wrong?

I can’t be certain what caused the pain, but the doctor told me it had tendonitis.  They wrapped my foot which helped support it and alleviate some of the pain.  I couldn’t get it wet though so showering was an adventure in itself!  The doctor recommended trying a different style of shoe and a different rise as well.  I have always run in a stability shoe, but she said my foot was actually more neutral.  She also recommended a .4mm offset in the shoe to minimize pressure to the ball of my foot.  Who knew there were so many different variables to shoes!  The most bizarre part about all of this to me was that it felt better to walk barefoot than in shoes!  Was it too many miles too fast?  The new shoes?  Hormones (I am still breastfeeding)?  Or the way my shoes were tied?  I did a lot of reading on shoe tying and found a lot of tips based on your foot type!  Here is a great infographic from

Fast Forward One Week and Change

Last night I felt good enough again to try running.  I laced up using one of the new shoe tying techniques that was supposed to alleviate pressure on the top of the foot.  Which it did.  I started off very pain.  So I went a little faster…still felt good!  It actually felt a lot like that scene in Forrest Gump when he starts running for the first time, slowly at first and then fast enough to bust the braces off of his legs!!  Well, I still went really slow, but inside I was jumping for joy!  I am encouraged that I might still be able to run the races and do the duathlon this year as planned.  Hopefully just one more trip to the shoe store, and some creative training I will be back to normal soon.

I’m sure this won’t be the last bump in the road.  Training is hard and it can be a challenge to retrain and get to know your body again after having a baby.  The important thing is not to give up, but to find ways to still achieve your goals.

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