Make Today your “Someday”!


Complications near the end of my pregnancy with my daughter landed me in the hospital on bed rest for 18 days prior to giving birth.  During this sedentary time I was aching for any sort of activity!  Just to go for a walk sounded amazing, but was a risk to my baby who needed just a little more time to grow.  (I was admitted to the hospital at 31 weeks and 6 days).  I was terrified for the health of my baby.  I missed my son and husband so much that I cried myself to sleep most nights.  It was a major reality check to how fragile life is and how short our time on this Earth can be.


To say I had a lot of time to think was an understatement.  Setting goals for myself helps me feel less anxious and was a good distraction from the worry of the health of my baby.  I have always said, “someday I’m going to a triathlon”.  While I was pregnant, the plan was to take swimming lessons to learn proper stroke techniques for training and competing in a triathlon.  I thought this would be a great, low impact, workout to do in the third trimester of my pregnancy.  I did the research on local swim instruction, but ended up in the hospital before I could sign up.  I didn’t think that I would have enough time to train for the swimming portion of a race in order to do one this year, so again, I mentally put it on my “someday” list.

“We all have to start somewhere”

5k Finish
My bro and I after finishing the Summerfest Rock n Sole 5K on June 10, 2017

After getting clearance from my doctor to start working out again, I started training for a 5K.  I had run one after having my son, so I knew this was an attainable goal.  After researching local races I set my sights on the Summerfest Rock ‘n Sole 5K.  The only catch was that this race was scheduled almost a month earlier than I had planned!  The competitive side of me dug into this challenge and although I didn’t run as fast as I would have liked, I was 4 months post-partum and we all have to start somewhere.

Today is “someday”

Somewhere in my thoughts on bedrest, training for the 5k and the “one day…” statements in my head I reached a breaking point.  Today needs to be “someday”.  What are you waiting for?!  In addition to at least 1 more 5k this Summer, I will compete in my first duathlon for the Fall of 2017.  I am giving myself some time to take swimming lessons and prepare for the triathlon which I will plan to do in 2018.  Baby steps, right?  This is more to me than getting back into shape after baby.  I am ready to feel strong again, I am ready to go after something big!

We are in this together…

In almost every race and event I have trained for, I have had a training buddy doing the event with me.  This makes a huge difference in the enjoyment of the journey.  I love having someone to push me to be better and encourage me when I need it.  I love giving that same support back to my training buddy as well.  I know there are a lot of moms out there who have fitness goals of their own.  Maybe they have been saying for years “someday” I’m going to run my first 5k, or “someday” fill in the blank.  Make today that someday!  Let me be on your support team in reaching your goals.  Follow me here and on Instagram @fitsconsinmom.  Share your goals and your progress; we are in this together!


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