Goals & Adventures

We should all have personal goals and things we are working toward.  These are my current goals and progress as I work towards them!

  1. Run a 5k (with a faster time than 00:27:43) – Complete!  09/09/17 Time 25:21
  2. Run a 10k
  3. Duathlon (complete! 10/15/17)
  4. Triathlon
  5. Run the Ragnar
  6. Bike the Barns

The triathlon is the biggie right now and I am shooting to do that in 2018.  There are 2 big training challenges to overcome with that. One; I need to learn to swim with my face in the water, and two; I am afraid of seaweed!  Mind over matter though right?  What are your goals?



New Berlin National Dash 5k  2015     00:27:43

Summerfest Rock ‘n Sole 2017        00:29:05

Brewers Mini Marathon 09/09/17     00:25:21

DoLittle 5K 09/24/17  23:59

Lake Country Duathlon 10/15/17 (2 mile run-15 mile bike-2 mile run) 1:46:27