Change of Plans… No 5k Today!

The last few weeks have included a lot of ups and downs as far as training goes.  I am slowly recovering from a foot injury and hoping to be able to hit the pavement again soon.  Yesterday, I realized that my next 5k is only 11 days away!  I have nervous excitement about this race.  Hoping that I don’t re-injure myself, and hoping I can meet my time goal!  I have been trying to do more biking to keep my legs strong, as well as start training for my first duathlon in the fall!

The theme of my Monday was to get myself organized.  In visiting the race website, I realized I hadn’t paid attention to the packet pickup information, so I got the details and put it on the calendar.  My husband and I put everything on our google calendars so we can coordinate between our activities and the kids.  I don’t know how I would keep anything straight otherwise!  It wasn’t until after I had put the details in the calendar that I looked a little closer at the site to see that there was an unexpected change.  Race cancelled… cancelled?  CANCELLED!

I was totally ticked!  I was never notified that the race had been cancelled.  I double checked my email to make sure I hadn’t missed any communication…nothing.  An immediate email was sent race coordinator to get a refund for the race, so I am patiently waiting for a response (for now).  I wonder how long ago the race was cancelled? And had I been organized in the first place about putting the information in the calendar, would I have shown up to an empty venue to pick up my packet?

I am a believer that things happen for a reason.  Or maybe this is just my way of moving forward, when things don’t go according to plan.  But, it might be for the best to allow myself to totally heal and ease back into running again.  I have another race in mind for a 5k/10k(still deciding) this fall, as well as the duathlon.

This week I picked up a new pair of running shoes per my doctors recommendations: Neutral shoe with a .4mm offset.  I have run a grand total of 1 mile in them, but let me tell you, that mile felt great! I also reconnected with an old pair of orthotics and I think they are aiding in the recovery process.  I haven’t worn them since I was in high school and have mixed feelings about wearing them in the long term, but, I’m going with what works for now!


“Planned” Upcoming Races

Brewers Mini Marathon – 5k or 10k  September 9th

Lake Country Duathlon – October 15th

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