Brewers Mini Marathon 5K

Over the weekend I ran the Brewers Mini Marathon 5k.  This was my second 5k of the year and I was eager to improve my time from the Rock n Sole in June.  After the Rock n Sole, I knew I wanted to run at least 1 more 5k this year because I wasn’t very happy about my time.  I was 4 months postpartum at the time, and just felt like crap during that race.  Don’t get me wrong, I was still very proud to be able to run the whole thing, but it was a very labored race and I could tell I wasn’t in shape.  I was on the verge of puke/pass out at the finish line and  I didn’t want to feel that way again.


Fast forward 3 months and we arrive at race day for the Brewers Mini Marathon!  I was beyond pumped for this race because I was starting to feel good while running again and based on my recent training paces was almost certain I could PR this race.


Over the Summer I had connected with many runners on Instagram and have found the community of runners to be incredibly supportive and motivating.  I have connected with several local runners and was able to briefly meet one of my Instafriends on race morning!  She happened to walk by me as we were lining up in the corrals and I recognized her.  As we said hello I turned to say hi to the other runner she was with and it was someone I went to high school with!  It was such an unexpected and cool surprise!  We were a few minutes from the start of the race so we didn’t chat long and got ready to run.


I’m not sure about anyone else, but for some reason, I almost always get a rush of emotion before a race… and sometimes during.  As I crossed the starting line I was feeling really good and focused.  I have not, by any means, mastered pacing, but I wore a watch to kind of try and keep track.  I just listened to my body and tried hard not to go too fast.  As I saw the 1 mile marker I looked at my watch and saw 07:30 something…so I slowed down a bit to a pace I knew I could sustain. By mile 1.5 I was starting to feel cramping in my rib and was feeling like I had to make a potty stop.  I started belly breathing to keep the rib cramp at bay and started trying to strategize what to do about the bathroom situation.  There were no porta potties in sight, and I thought maybe I could make it to the finish line.  However, being only 7 months post partum I don’t quite have the confidence back in my bladder yet…  It was about at this time that I saw a porta potty in the distance. Decision made.  I ran in, determined to make it a super fast stop so I could still meet my goal finish time.  Race or not, there is no way these sweet cheeks were sitting on that seat, so I went into hover mode (which is pretty difficult in the middle of a run I might add).  Since I was mid race I couldn’t quite relax enough and was anxious to get back out there so I pushed things along a bit.  Maybe more than a little bit because the stream missed the bowl and made a direct hit to my left shoe!  Are you f’in kidding me??  I pee’d on my own frickin shoe mid race?!


Found my friend Andy at the finish line. He cranked out a PR in the 10k!

After my potty fiasco I felt much better and was able to assume a slightly faster pace.  I started envisioning running through the stadium and seeing my family cheering me on.  As I entered the stadium I looked up into the stands and was straining to hear a “go mom go!”  I scanned up and down the stands but didn’t see them.  I figured they must have picked a different spot and I still had a race to finish!  By this time I was really fatigued and needed all of the focus I could gather to finish the race strong.  I could see the finish line up ahead, and then I saw them.  My husband and son cheering and some friends of ours too!  (My daughter was passed out in the stroller, haha)  It was awesome to have such a big cheering section!  I finished the race with a strong PR.  My finish time was 25:21 this was 3 mintues and 44 seconds faster than my race in June, and a PR by 2 minutes and 22 seconds!!


My husband and I enjoying our free beers post race!

I am very proud of my performance at the race and even more so the time I put in to training and still being there for my family.  Secretly I was hoping to finish with a time of 24 minutes and something, and I think I would have gotten it had I not made a bathroom stop during the race.  So, I am going to try again!!  I will be running in another 5K on my birthday this year, September 24th!






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